The Village of Nakaratin


Turkana County, Kenya

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Our Story bringing the gift of clean water to Africa’s Turkana desert

Project in Village Nakaratin

We arrived in the village of Nakaratin in April of 2022, That is where we first learned of their story, before that it was only rumors. But as the saying goes, seeing is believing. Nakaratin is a perfect example of what we are looking to accomplish with this ministry in the deserts of East Africa. 

When we arrived at Nakaratin we found that the local women and children were walking up to 12 miles and some of them even more than that just to fetch 2.5 – 5 Gallons of water from the nearest  working well. Typically you will find Turkana people sourcing their water from hand dug wells in nearby river beds. Water which is never clean and dons a very muddy look and even nastier taste, but the drought had persisted for many months longer than expected, drying up any possibility of getting water from their usual destinations. The locals were suffering greatly from both the quality of that water and the work to get it. The search for water often led to people being unable to source food for themselves and this led to more problems such as malnutrition or even acute starvation. People were perishing on a weekly basis.

This is without mentioning the fact that the people of Nakaratin were completely unreached with the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

As Light of East Africa Missions we aim to solve both of these problems, so we got to work. We moved into Nakaratin where we remained for the next 6 months. During that time we sleep outside as they do, we ate as they do and pretty much become like them in every aspect of our lives with a few changes needed to maintain the team such as larger reserves for water and so on. Still nothing special. We were having to go and fetch water in the same places as the locals about every 2nd or 3rd day and that’s if we were careful with our usage. This was a grueling task that would cost us around 10 hours each day that we had to go. Over the months we faced many challenges, the work of building a relationship with these people didn’t come without great cost to ourselves. The village as a whole was welcoming enough, but on the individual level people were as they are everywhere, unpredictable. The work of laying a solid foundation with these people both with us and with our Lord Jesus Christ didn’t come without great sacrifice to ourselves. 

After 6 long and grueling months, in January 2023 the drilling machine made its way out to Nakaratin and began drilling and by the end of the same week the drilling started, it was over. And up to today the well is still producing large amounts of very sweet and safe water that is being enjoyed by all of the surrounding communities. Nakaratin now has its own irrigation farm that we have built and taught them how to take care of. They now find themselves able to drink to their heart’s content clean water, to bathe and wash their clothes without second thought and to now grow their own food.

Many would now see our work in Nakaratin as now complete, but not us. The relationship that we have formed is a strong one and one that we will continue to grow. A very strong Church has been brought up within the community and we have found many young disciples who wish to continue in their walk with the Lord. The people of Nakaratin have encountered Christ and it has changed them forever. They are now more welcoming than ever and more willing to make sacrifices to help others. They have joined us on missions to other villages and continue to go out on their own to share the good news and to teach others to worship the way they also were taught. We have seen them casting out demons and healing the sick. They have a beautiful faith and we are so fortunate to be a part of all of this.

I hope you are able to see through the information provided here that we are continuing in the way set before us by God and that we are committed to reaching these people no matter the cost.

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