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 Light of East Africa - partners and sponsors
Light of East Africa - partners and sponsors

Prospective Partners & Sponsors

My name is Levi Malone, and I am the Director of Light of East Africa.

We are an organization entirely dedicated to bringing access to clean water and consistent access to the Gospel to Unreached communities across East Africa. We mainly focus on long term sustainable missions that ensure a constant presence in these areas so as to facilitate constant development in otherwise undeveloped areas.

We work hard to raise money and help bring real change to our cause. Most of you reading this are leaders in your own line of work and surely understand the pressing need to find solutions to the challenges that face you and your company daily.

In an effort to solve some of these challenges we are looking for dedicated and passionate partners and sponsors who are excited to be a part of a revolution in the mission field.

We are looking for passionate and motivated individuals or businesses that would like to join us in accomplishing this task set before us. That would like to be a part of a mission effort focused on enabling continued development in hard-to-reach parts of the world. 

It is only through the generosity of people like yourselves that this will be made possible. Thank you!

Our Value Proposition

Benefits of Giving

We offer each of our sponsors the following benefits of partnering with our foundation.

  • A place on our website with your logo and link back to your Company Website.
  • A public announcement of your partnership with our charitable organization at future fundraising events.
  • Your company’s partnership will be featured in future videos.
  • You have the option to be a featured sponsor on any of our upcoming initiatives.
  • Tax deductible donation receipts.

Ways To Give

We offer both monetary and non-monetary ways to give.


  • Donations direct to an ongoing initiative of your choice.
  • Donations to cover overhead costs for our organization
  • Donation Matching Campaigns.  For every donation received from an individual for a project, your organization offers a matching donation.

Non – monetary

Gifts in kind are extremely appreciated by Light of East Africa.  We are always in need of:

  • Donated goods and services or any other contribution that isn’t cash.
  • Services that are travel related can help us keep our overhead down when we travel back and forth from the United States to Kenya to work on our initiatives.

Give Today

For more information on becoming a Sponsor or a Partner,
please contact us using the form below.
Thank You!

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