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Mr. Elkana’s New Home

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Fundraising Goal


date complete:  October 28, 2020

thank you to all of our donors

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fundraising goal:  120% 


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Housing Project Overview

New Home for Mr. Elkana

Mr. Elkana is a man who lived in a small Kenyan village called Motosiet.
For many decades he lived in a small home no bigger than most of our closets.
During my last time in Kenya his home was washed away in a storm.  We sought to build him a new home.

Motosiet Village, Kenya

Motosiet is mostly a rural farming village where some people work as sand farmers.  They scoop sand from the nearby river to sell at the market for various purposes.  Motosiet is located in northern Kenya near a larger farming town known as Ziwa.

Project Goals
  1. To build Mr. Elkana a new home to live in, bigger and more comfortable than his previous one.
  2. Clear away the site of his old home to make room to grow more food.
  3. Build a outside toilet away from the home but easily accessible 
  4. To leave Mr. Elkana also with a new bed and clothes as well as shoes.
  5. $500 target amount. $600 raised amount

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Project Outcome

At the end of the project we had met all of our goals.
Mr. Elkana was incredibly happy and loved his new home. The entire project took roughly a month before being ready to move into.
He had a hard life and unfortunately passed away 2 months after moving into his new home. I hope he was able to have some respite from the hard years he lived in those two short months.

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