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Soy Village, Kenya

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date complete:  October 28, 2020

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fundraising goal:  134% 


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300 Families Fed – New Hope Food Project

Soy Village, Kenya

Soy Villiage is a small villiage in northern Kenya.

A heavily poverty stricken area. Although I wish we had the resources to establish something sustainable we managed to alleviate it for a time.  We had 300 bags of food and hygiene supplies as well as about 2400 feminine hygiene pads.

The project involved numerous people and borrowed assets such as tractors and trailers. It was a great success that achieved the exact desired outcome on time and within budget.

All proceeds raised went to the purchase of the food and necessities.  Overhead costs, such as travel and food were taken from our own personal funds for this mission.

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New Hope Food Project

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  1. Kim

    You are doing incredible work Levi. The world needs more people like you!


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