Milimatatu Girls School


Turkana County, Kenya

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African Girls School long walk for Water

Project in Girls Secondary School Milimatatu

Schools are a rare thing to find in the region where we operate, but the ones that you do find are often facing many challenges. Milimatatu Girls school is one of them. Situated outside the village of Milimatatu (translated to three mountains) has suffered from the lack of a source of clean water since its inception back in 2016. We were made aware of this school during our survey mission for this region in 2022 but were not formally introduced to the school and its issues until later in the year by a man named Joseph who was an interpreter for us during our work in Nakaratin.

Every day the nearly 400 female students of this school shut down the classrooms at noon time and prepare themselves to make a 6 mile journey to the dry riverbeds in search of water. We ourselves have made this journey with them a handful of times and can attest to the many issues they are facing. Of course the physical toll this takes on the young girls is unbearable for some and you will find them disappearing into the desert in search of a way back home so they can escape this daily task. The boreholes have collapsed on them even once while we were there, seriously injuring her. These collapses pose the very real possibility of burying them alive and killing them. It is not an uncommon occurrence in this part of the world. Many of the girls suffer from numerous infections from using this dirty water to clean themselves and their uniforms.

Needless to say we fell in love with this school from the moment we met them and the holy spirit moved us to do something about this problem. To this date this is an ongoing effort and has to be conducted a bit different than our work in the villages. But as of now we have been able to get a machine out to the school and drill 3 holes all of which unfortunately have been very dry. But our work isn’t over we are going to return to the area and drill in as many areas as we must in order to find a source of water for these children. So please as you read this keep these children and the staff of the school in your prayers.

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The Village of Kangamaliteny

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The Village of Nakaratin

The Village of Nakaratin

We arrived in the village of Nakaratin in April of 2022, That is where we first learned of their story, before that it was only rumors. But as the saying goes, seeing is believing.

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