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Turkana, East Africa

100% of your money brings clean water to communities in need.

Monthly donors cover our operating costs, so you can give knowing your entire donation will be used to bring clean water.

Turkana Kenya, East Africa

In Kenya Nearly half of all people lack access to basic sanitation solutions and over 30% lack access to improved water sources. Deriving their water from ponds, rivers and shallow wells.
This of course results in a lot of sickness in people. Small children especially are prone to dangerous diseases that result in the early death for many. Without access to clean water people die.

Although our main focus is to make disciples of all whom God leads us to, we understand that there are two kinds of water needed for life. The physical water taken from a well and the Spiritual living water found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. You cannot disciple a community of dead and dying people. So will you help us today in bringing to these people the two kinds of water needed to give life to these people?


Many places in Kenya are in need of Wells or easier access to one. Light of East Africa Mission’s goal is to build many clean water wells for the people of Kenya.  The location we have chosen to begin building community wells  is in the county of Turkana, which is in Northern Kenya.

We are reaching some of the most remote areas of Kenya, to bring villages clean water and the word of God.

Turkana County is a county in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It is Kenya’s largest county by land area of 71,597.8km².

Source:  Wikipedia

Into the village / Pt.3. No food and water for days.

Access to clean drinking water from the community well.

Levi receiving a gift from the villagers.

Giving The Gift Of Life One Village At A Time

Milimatatu Girls School

Milimatatu Girls School

Schools are a rare thing to find in the region where we operate, but the ones that you do find are often facing many challenges. Milimatatu Girls school is one of them.

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The Village of Nakaratin

The Village of Nakaratin

We arrived in the village of Nakaratin in April of 2022, That is where we first learned of their story, before that it was only rumors. But as the saying goes, seeing is believing.

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