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Turkana, East Africa

100% of your money brings clean water to communities in need.

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Turkana Kenya, East Africa

In Kenya Nearly half of all people lack access to basic sanitation solutions and over 30% lack access to improved water sources. Deriving their water from ponds, rivers and shallow wells.
This of course results in a lot of sickness in people. Small children especially are prone to dangerous diseases that results in the early death for many. Without access to clean water people die.

Although our main focus is orphaned children, children who have families but lack access to adequate water sources and sanitation face similar issues to that of orphaned children as well. And we aim to alleviate or exterminate these issues through long term solutions such as deep wells that grant them access to a greater level of hygiene thus improving their chances of living a long happy and healthy life.

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Many places in Kenya are in need of Wells or easier access to one. Light of East Africa Mission’s goal is to build many clean water wells for the people of Kenya.  The location we have chosen to build our first well is in a small village just north of the town of Lokichar in Turkana, which is in Northern Kenya.

Into the village / Pt.3. No food and water for days.

Access to clean drinking water from the community well.

Project Updates

We have reached the small village of Kangamaliteny..

It is in Kaeris Ward, a region within Turkana, Kenya.


No Access to clean water

It breaks my heart to see the daily lives of these villagers without access to clean water, a church, a school or any formal education. Their daily life revolves around finding drinking water.

But, they are such kind gentle souls, and greeted us openly.  

This small village desperately needs a well for clean drinking water, to start.  We would like to bring them one. Think of how much their quality of life will improve with this first step.

Our work here has only begun.  If you can donate, even a small amount, it would be greatly appreciated.

Women and children collecting dirty water.

First month back in Africa update.
Levi and team building wells in Africa

Hello from East Africa everyone!

I wanted to give you all a update as my first month back comes to a close. I miss you all and thank you so much for your new and continued support!

Elections are over and we are thanking God for the peaceful resolution. We wasted no time getting to work once we realized it was safe to travel. As I write this email me and the team are on our way to Turkana to begin our work there. It is a long road ahead but as always we go with God!


On the ground outlook over the next 3 weeks

  • Identifying broken wells.
  • Identifying places in need of new wells.
  • Connecting with local clan leaders.
  • Building relationships, make way for evangelism.
  • Location is Kaeris ward, Turkana.
Driving to the water well dig site.
Community Well drilling team
Community Water Well Project

Although we have not yet reached our fundraising goal, we have completed scouting for a location and have found a village in Northern Kenya in Turkana to drill.

We have had to increase our fundraising goal due to the fact that we must drill down at least 200 meters to reach water. Therefore we must use a solar pump, which is incredibly more expensive.

Here are some videos of our current trip to Kenya and our progress.  We are hoping, with your help, that we can raise the funds needed to complete this clean water well for this village. We want to thank you in advance for your generosity to this great cause.

First time to Turkana / Pt.1 arrival and buying gifts for the tribe elders

Into the Wilderness / pt.2 a church a well and gifts

Previous Mission to Drill a Well in Kenya
I was recently apart of a mission to drill a well in Kenya with Water For Nations.  It was a incredible success.  Below is the video from my trip there.
Fundraising has already started for the next water well and outreach project, right here on this page.
I will be returning to Kenya in December to scout the location and begin drilling.  Your donations to this project are greatly appreciated.  We are very close to our goal.  Will you help us today?

Our Completed Initiatives

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