Access To Clean Water


Bringing clean water to communities in East Africa
Current project location:  Turkana

The Issue:  Lack of Clean Water


In Kenya, more than 30% of all people lack access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation solutions.  That’s more than 15 million people alone. They derive their water from ponds, rivers and shallow wells where the water is normally polluted.

This of course results on a lot of sickness in people.  Small children are especially prone to dangerous diseases that result in early death to many.  Without access to clean drinking water, people die.

Water scarcity in Kenya has been a major issue caused by drought due to a lack of rainfall, poor management of water supply and an increase in demand due to population growth.

The lack of clean water in rural areas especially, has been intensified by the Government’s lack of investment in water.


Drinking clean nourishing water from a community well.

Drinking clean nourishing water from a community well.

The Solution:  Charitable Clean Water Projects


Light of East Africa Missions is proud of our work on clean water initiatives.  We have worked in partnership with Water For Nations on a recent mission trip to Kenya to dig a clean water well for a community near Kajiado County in Kenya.

We are also currently raising funds for a new Community Water Well in the region of Northern Kenya in Turkana.  We have video updates on the page, but are still in need of donations.

Poviding a safe and reliable clean water source will help end sickness and disease and will unlock the potential for the families in the community. Instead of worrying about where to find clean water, parents will have time for work and the children will have time for education, imagination, and the freedom to play.


How Can I Help?

 Give the gift of lasting opportunity for this community.


Together we can end the lack of clean water crisis for many communities in East Africa and bring hope to countless families and children.  One community at a time.

We are currently asking for donations to our Community Well Water Project.  100% of the dollars raised from our fundraising for this project go directly to the costs (not the overhead).

Click on the button below to go to our Community Water Well Project for more details and videos of where we are currently at with our fundraising efforts.

Your gift is appreciated more than you can ever know. Thank you!

First time to Turkana / Pt.1 arrival and buying gifts for the tribe elders

Community Water Well Project in Turkana

Although we have not yet reached our fundraising goal, we have completed scouting for a location and have found a village in Northern Kenya in Turkana to drill.  Here are some videos of our current trip to Kenya and our progress.  We are hoping, with your help, that we can raise the funds needed to complete this clean water well for this village. We want to thank you in advance for your generosity to this great cause.

Into the Wilderness / pt.2 a church a well and gifts

Into the village / pt.3 No food and no water for days!

Previous Mission to Drill a Well in Kenya
I was recently apart of a mission to drill a well in Kenya with Water For Nations.  It was a incredible success.  Below is the video from my trip there.
Fundraising is ongoing for our own well water project in Turkana.
I am in Kenya and have found the location to begin drilling.  Your donations to this project are greatly appreciated.  We are very close to our goal.  Will you help us today?

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