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Our Mission
Light of East Africa - Our Mission

Our Story

The beginnings of this organization comes from a long standing desire to help third world nations starting almost as far back as I’m able to remember.

At the age of 19 I made my way unaccompanied to Kenya in East Africa. There I fell in love with the place. Each person I met was so interesting and so different than anyone I had ever ran into.

As my time there went on I got to see more and more of the reality that so many face there. Streets filled with what are locally called “street boys” or orphans among the myriad of other issues, starvation, lack of suitable drinking water, medicine. Needless to say my heart broke. So I got my beginnings in the mission field then at the age of 19 urging family from back home to send me bibles and I began handing them out. I could still take you there to these people and they will happily show you those bibles.

As we are relatively new our organization has not yet had the opportunity to address these issues in a larger way, but we are working on it.

Learn more about our Christian Faith.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

Your generous gifts, whether it be a monetary donation, or volunteering your time to help us fundraise, goes a very long way to making a brighter future for these precious families.


Two Kinds Of Water Our Mission In Africa’s Turkana Kenya

Our Mission & Approach

Light of East Africa Missions aims to tackle the problem of water scarcity that many unreached communities face through providing access to clean water with water wells and planting churches to act as a means of sustainable community outreach and providing consistent access to the gospel!

Our Unique approach to sustainable community outreach

Life is Hard in Northern Kenya and Throughout much of East Africa without having to worry about your only source of clean water breaking down. 

Unfortunately it is too common of a site to come across broken and dry boreholes. The people of the nearby villages are unable to repair it themselves or come up with the funds to pay to have it fixed. They often resume life as it was before the well was drilled while hoping someone will come along and fix it.

 Light of East Africa Missions has a unique and sustainable approach to keeping these communities in a position of continual development. In each region where we focus our operations we establish a mission center. Think of it as a forward operating base giving us a staging point in which to go out and reach even more remote areas. Each one of these mission centers will be tasked with planting churches in those even more remote areas surrounding it. Every time we develop an area with access to clean water and a church it gives us eyes on the ground to allow us to know when issues arise and how the community as a whole is developing.

Every Dollar Makes A Difference

We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our foundation’s fundraising efforts.  Our donors are able to contribute directly to one of our upcoming initiatives.  100% of the proceeds from your donation will go directly to the project, not the overhead.

We fund our overhead separately.  Sometimes our expenses come directly from our pockets for travel and living expenses.  If you would like to give us a one time or monthly donation to keep us going, to fund our expenses to do these projects, we would greatly appreciate it.

We aim to be completely transparent in all of our fundraising efforts, so our donors know that their gifts are making a difference in the lives of the people of East Africa.

We are a non profit 501c3 tax exempt organization, so you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Light of East Africa is currently looking for partners and sponsors who align with our foundation’s mission and core values.  Whether you are a small business, a church or have a corporate giving program, we would love to hear from you.

We have put together several ways that your organization can contribute and become a partner with us to help shed hope, light and build a better future for these children.

We are a non profit 501c3 tax exempt organization, so you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

There are several ways that you can partner with us.  Please have a look at our value proposition.  Thank you!

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